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State-owned Enterprise Reform Expert,
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Self Employed


My primary qualification is Law and I practiced in Wellington, New Zealand, for a couple of years. I then moved into corporate treasury management, first with General Motors Acceptance Corporation and then in 1987 with a New Zealand investment company. In 1992 I had my first real taste of state-owned enterprise (SOE) reform joining a SOE holding company as finance manager and then in 1994 was appointed CEO. In 1999 I was appointed CEO of the New Zealand government's SOE monitoring agency, CCMAU. In 2001 I was appointed CEO of the company that operated the New Zealand electricity market. I moved back into SOE reform in 2007 when I joined the Asian Development Bank (ADB) as a SOE reform and governance expert. Since then I have been involved in SOE reform, governance reform and PPPs primarily with the ADB but also with Tony Blair Institute and the World Bank. In this capacity I have worked in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Pakistan and the Pacific.