• Next episode available in Series 3 of The Governance Exchange!

    Episode 2, Series 3 of The Governance Exchange is now available to view.
    In the latest episode, we speak with @Lloyd Mander, another leading governance consultant, and get his perspective on behaviour in the boardroom. Lloyd also reflects on how you can prepare your board to solve complex problems, as outlined in his authored paper from December 2020.

    You can read the 'Diversity of Thought' here, and then catch the interview with Lloyd here.​
  • New episode for The Governance Exchange & an accompanying Thought Leadership Paper!

    Today we released the first episode in Series 3 of The Governance Exchange, this time featuring the topic of 'In the boardroom..' This series takes advantage of the unique perspective that governance professionals have in observing and participating in what happens in the boardroom.

    In the first episode, we speak with Dr Denis Mowbray, a leading governance, strategy and risk adviser about his new paper; 
    The Third Team: Linking boards and organisational performance.

    Read the paper, watch the interview, and don't forget to add your own thoughts and comments either underneath the Insights or in our discussion forum!
  • New Guest Blog added - read now!

    Do you observe a correlation between corporate governance practices and organisational performance – financial and operational? Do you observe that some changes or improvements in corporate governance practices are more impactful than others?

    @Christopher Russell has authored our latest Guest Blog, looking at corporate governance and board composition impacting corporate performance. Whether you work within or advise corporations, read the blog and have your say - share your thoughts with Christopher and your fellow eCommunity!

    Read it HERE.
  • On-Demand Webinar Now Available: 'Women in the boardroom: International Governance Stocktake'

    Following The Chartered Governance Institute's release of its recent thought-provoking report 'Women in the boardroom: international governance stocktake', last week we held a webinar to hear global perspectives from industry leaders discussing the findings of the report. 
    If you weren't able to join us, you can now view the on-demand recording in our library. 

    We also have a dedicated discussion thread where we have identified the key takeaways but also posed some unanswered questions as submitted by attendees. We encourage you to share your thoughts on either the recent report or what our panel talked through in the webinar - help us to continue the conversation!

    1. Read the report
    2. View the webinar on-demand
    3. Join the discussion

  • #GRMF2021

    Governance and Risk Management Forum is where you can turn ideas into reality. You will unpack practical insights for your role and network with your peers.
    Register now with early bird and save up to $55!
  • Governance and Risk Management Forum 2021!

    Join us for the biggest state event of the year and be empowered with knowledge and skills to tackle this year’s unique challenges.
    Book now and save with early bird pricing.
  • Newly Published: Guest blog on 'Evolution of Modern Companies'

    Today we publish our first guest blog of 2021 as authored by @William Giesbers, this month on the subject of the 'Evolution of modern companies & how this has affected the roles and accountabilities of directors'

    William looks at how modern companies have evolved and considers how this evolution has affected the roles and accountabilities of directors.

    A commonly discussed topic, we highly recommend you give this blog a read and whilst you're there, why not share your own thoughts in the comments? Our guest authors are keen to engage in further conversation with regards to the blogs authored here.
  • The eCommunity is 1 year old!

    This month we celebrate the 1-year existence of this eCommunity! Visit the discussion to hear from one of our members on why she considers the platform to be of value in her day-to-day, but also to that of the wider Governance profession. 
    We very much welcome your thoughts too!

    Thank you for the role you've played as an active community member in the last 12 months. We couldn't have done it without you!

  • It's your last chance to register for international access to the Virtual National Conference 2020

    Governance Institute of Australia's first-ever virtual National Conference is available to the international community.

    Don't miss your chance to gain exclusive access to global leaders and invaluable thought leadership — beamed directly to you, wherever you are in the world, live and on-demand on an interactive event platform.

    View the full line-up of speakers.

  • Newly Published: Guest blog on 'Ethical Governance'

    Today we publish our November guest blog as authored by the esteemed @Trisha Mok, this month on the subject of 'ethical governance'. 

    Trisha reflects on the changing role of the governance professional whilst considering why culture and ethics matter, especially during a time in which companies and employees alike are facing significant challenges. 

    We highly recommend you give this blog a read and whilst you're there, why not share your thoughts in the comments? As an increasingly important topic of focus, we encourage you to share your ideas and opinions and engage with the authors of these blogs.

    [Read the blog]
  • TGE S2, ep.2 - Richard Taylor, Chief Executive, Lumi Global

    In episode 2, we speak to Richard Taylor who is Chief Executive at Lumi Global. Lumi Global has run over 2,500 virtual meetings this year and whilst circumstances made them a necessity, there are still issues to iron out. No one is better placed than Richard to look into the future of virtual meetings, what technology changes are still yet to come, how Regulators have assisted or hindered and how Governance Professionals can play a pivotal role in protecting the interests of issuers, investors and the wider stakeholders.

    For Governance Professionals this is an interview that goes to the heart of what we do.


  • Early bird available until 16 October — virtual National Conference 2020

    You are invited to gain exclusive access to global leaders and invaluable thought leadership at Governance Institute's virtual National Conference 2020. You will discover how to navigate uncertainty with clear vision, deep trust and adaptive strategy.  

    Tackle the biggest challenges in governance and risk management, ask the tough questions and solve pressing issues with insights from experts, including Michael Chaney AOMichelle Edkins and Diane Smith-Gander AO. 

    Register by Friday 16 October to save with early bird pricing.

  • CGI Webinar: 'The changing role of the governance professional post-Covid'

    On Thursday 8 October, we hosted our global webinar on 'The changing role of the governance professional post-Covid'. We were fortunate to hear from four governance professionals, on whether they thought the role has changed since the pandemic hit. Whilst the experiences were a little different in each case, all our panelists (and many attendees) agreed that it has created opportunity. It was also widely agreed that this is a pivotal moment for the profession in that if ever there is an extreme need for governance, that time is now. 

    If you were unable to join us live, or you were and you simply want to view it again, you can now access the recording on-demand here.

    Why not then review the session wrap-up over in our discussion forum, and share your own thoughts on the key questions raised during the webinar?
  • Virtual National Conference 2020: International Access Now Available

    Governance Institute of Australia's first-ever virtual National Conference is now available to the international community!

    In this conference, you will gain exclusive access to global leaders and invaluable thought leadership — beamed directly to you, wherever you are in the world, live and on-demand on an interactive event platform.

    You can save up to $100 with early bird prices today.

  • Welcome back!

    Now that the majority have returned to work or academia, we'd like to say Welcome Back! It's a little scary to think that we're nearing the end of Q3, and whilst we shan't dwell on it too long (because I think we've all had enough of it..), this global pandemic may have drastically disrupted 2020, however it has shown the intrinsic value and power of this community.

    We'd like to say 'thank you' to you, quite simply for keeping the conversation going at a time when this means of connection and source of information meant a great deal to many in a very isolated time. 

    We're fortunate to have still been able to deliver much in the way of content via this digital platform in the last few months, and we're heading into Q4 stronger than before. Whilst we can't reveal too much today, we encourage you to stay tuned as we've got some exciting things coming your way very soon!

    So, it's time to dust off the keyboard & set yourself up ready for great things as we approach the final quarter of 2020! Use this time to complete your eCommunity profile, have a look back through our webinars, webcasts & more, join the discussions happening over there to the left, but most importantly... watch this space

    We'll be in touch next week!
  • Summer Update

    The Chartered Governance Institute would like to take this moment to wish you all what is hopefully a relaxing Summer break, and that you ensure you dedicate some time to rest and catch up following a turbulent year so far.

    Remember that the eCommunity is a great platform to ask questions, build your professional network and enhance your knowledge, so please don’t hesitate to reach out or pop a thought or question in the discussion forum. And if you’ve got a spare moment or two and you’d like to broaden the mind in glorious sunshine, why not look back over our Thought-Leadership campaigns on 'Corporate Governance: beyond the listed company' or 'Enhancing individual director accountability', recap the Impact of Covid-19 on leading practitioners & academics, or prepare yourself for September with our Global webinar on the implementation of virtual AGMs.

    So don’t forget – we’re still here if you have any thoughts to share or want to look back through our numerous resources. But we look forward to picking up the conversation with you in September, where there’ll be plenty of content exclusives coming to the eCommunity.

    Wherever the Summer takes you, keep safe, keep well & keep writing.

  • New report highlights top data governance risks for corporate Australia

    Key data governance risks for corporate Australia have been highlighted in a new report by Governance Institute and CSIRO's Data61. 
  • New International President of The Chartered Governance Institute

    At the beginning of July, The Chartered Governance Institute welcomed @Peter Turnbull in as its new International President. I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing Peter all the best during his term, and thanking his predecessor, Edith Shih, for everything she has accomplished during her time as President. ​​

    If you would like to know more about what the Institute is working towards, you can view the President's address here.
  • TGE - all 9 episodes now available!

    You can now view Series 1 of The Governance Exchange here in full; once you've had a chance to catch up on how our interviewees adapted under the restrictions of Covid-19, we'd like to hear from you and invite you to share your and your organisation's own experience​​​s via our dedicated discussion thread here.

    It's important for us to understand how the profession has been impacted, how it has dealt with said impact, and how it will move forward, so we would very much like to hear from you. Join the discussion today.
  • Board and Executive Remuneration Report released

    Governance Institute, in partnership with Aon, have released the results of the Board and Executive Remuneration Survey which provides a snapshot of remuneration levels for directors and senior executives from 433 organisations.
    As Australia heads into 'remuneration season', these are the latest available salary and pay statistics.
    Read more at the link below, and GIA members can download the report.

  • Australian channel launched on The Chartered Governance Institute e-community

    Governance Institute of Australia is delighted that a dedicated Australian channel of The Chartered Governance Institute e-community has been launched.
    The new channel will help boost discussion and networking opportunities among Australian members of the global Institute.
    Governance and risk management professionals can share announcements and knowledge with the broader community via the portal. 
    Australian members also have access to the Open Forum channel where members from around the world meet.
    Read the full announcement about this new channel at the link below. 

  • Australian Sub-Community launched!

    This week sees the launch of a dedicated Australian channel branching from The Chartered Governance Institute's eCommunity. The new channel will help boost discussion and networking opportunities amongst Australian members of the global Institute.

    Read more here.

    If you would like to join the Australian sub-community, if you head to 'Communities' > 'All Communities' in the main navigation bar it should then display alongside the Open Forum when you click through.
    Click the blue 'join' button and access the page!

  • We want to hear from YOU!

    Last week we launched The Governance Exchange [more on this below] and today we release the next two 1-to-1 interviews in the series on The Impact of Covid-19. ​
    You can view episodes 3&4 and all other current webcasts in the series HERE
    When you have, we would really like hear how your organisations reacted, coped, and what's in place now as companies begin to emerge from the pandemic. 

    So give the videos a watch and JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE by sharing your own experiences or offering guidance to others.