• NOW AVAILABLE:- On-Demand Webinar: 'Good governance in family-owned companies'

    Our recent webinar on 'Good governance for family-owned companies' is now available to view on-demand!
    This session features an insightful discussion amongst our panellists around what triggers the formality of a Board within a developing organisation, as well as the potential challenges to be navigated & the keys to success.
    Be sure to watch on-demand and then add your views to our discussion thread over to the left!
  • The International Governance Leadership Conference (formerly National Conference) is only days away!

    Join us at The Hilton in Sydney or virtually as we celebrate our passion for governance excellence with thought and practice leaders from around Australia and overseas.

  • Upcoming webinar: 'Good governance for family-owned companies'

    Family-owned companies, whether small or medium or large can benefit from good governance practices. They face unique challenges in regard to succession planning, separation of powers and sustainability.

    When is the optimal time to put in place some of the ingredients of a traditional governance structure such as a board with independent directors or audit & risk committees? What sort of structures are appropriate to provide for a workable separation of powers and how does a family-company navigate cross-directorships and related-party transactions?

    Join us on the 12th/13th September to hear the answers to these questions discussed.

    *Please note: this webinar will be running at a different time to that of previous global webinars.


  • Only one month left until the International Governance Leadership Conference

    Only one month left until the International Governance Leadership Conference (formerly called National Conference).

    We are excited to bring you a carefully curated program that considers how the diverse strands that form the organisation's culture matrix, deliver growth, sustainability and strategic advantage. 

    The line-up of thought and practice leaders from around Australia and overseas is not to be missed. 

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  • Indigenous Governance Forum

    Governance Institute and the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute are delighted to bring you the Indigenous Governance Forum.
    In this virtual Forum, we will explore Indigenous governance and the structures, systems and processes by which the different First Nations peoples have framed leadership, culture, social and economic practice and decision-making.

  • International Governance Leadership Conference 2023

    Now in its 40th year, our National Conference has expanded. The International Governance Leadership Conference is essential for everyone in the governance and risk management sphere.

    Join us at The Hilton in Sydney on 28–29 August as we consider the impact of culture on growth, sustainability, and strategic advantage.

  • End of financial year sale

    Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your future

    We have five special offers in our end of financial year sale.

    The sale ends 30 June and spaces are limited so be quick and secure your deal now!

  • Webinar Summary now available.

    @Gertrude Ratidzo Takawira has kindly written a summary following our recent webinar on 'Sustainability, Climate Change and Net-Zero', to accompany the ongoing discussion, on-demand webinar, and original Thought Leadership paper on which this webinar was based.

  • Ep.1: State of the Division conversation with HKCGI and MAICSA

    Are you a recent graduate, beginning your career as a governance professional?
    Are you an existing professional who wants to broaden their role?
    If so, be sure to have a watch of our first 'State of the Division' episode, in conversation with @Ellie Pang and @Justin J Anthony . As well as providing background and insights into what’s currently happening within their respective Divisions, both Ellie and Justin share their thoughts on why a career in governance is less well-known to prospective students, but how they’re both seeing many opportunities in a flourishing job market because governance professionals are quite simply always in demand. They also provide a few tips on what employers are looking for from new graduates, so if that applies to you, we highly recommend tuning in to this on-demand episode in order to get a head-start on those applications!

    Enter the Governance Gateway and watch it now!

  • ON DEMAND: CGI Global Webinar on 'Sustainability, Climate Change & Net-Zero'

    If you were unable to join us for last week's live webinar on Sustainability, Climate Change & Net-Zero, we're pleased to share that it's now available to watch on demand. You can also download a copy of the Thought Leadership Paper on which this webinar was based, and once you've caught up with all of that, you can continue the conversation in our dedicated follow-up discussion

    We'd like to thank our esteemed panel for contributing their time and incredibly valuable insights to this topical webinar, and we thank those of you who were able to join us for the live session. 


  • 99seconds of governance on... 'Corporate Governance in Election Manifesto'

    "…it is time to talk about the changes and steps to take in order to have a more secure and safer environment…to give one’s idea on how to improve the surrounding for people to have safe living, rather than spreading racial and hate propaganda. Good governance on election manifesto gets the people to work on it the day they are elected to represent the community that voted for them. Good governance on election manifesto builds trust and gives confidence to people to vote for the right party that prioritises peoples’ health and wellbeing."

    Listen HERE to what Vasanthi had to share in her 99seconds of governance.

    What are the major impacts to the Governance profession right now?
    What issues are keeping you up at night?
    What are you struggling with in your day-to-day role?
    Why are we asking? Because we want to hear from you. In 99 Seconds, we want to hear those bitesize glimpses of governance where you share topics with your peers that are important and impactful to you. Just like Vasanthi did.

    Drop us a message to learn more!

  • Eye-to-Eye Virtual Networking - A Summary

    Last week we launched our first Eye-to-Eye networking sessions on the topics of 'Governance and Data-Informed Decision Making' and 'EQ for the Governance Professional'. Attendees participated in some really engaging and insightful conversations, sharing their experiences and providing particular examples in response to questions asked. We've provided our summaries of both sessions, which you can read - and contribute to - if you head to the Governance Gateway sub-community.

    These sessions are not recorded so they're certainly not events to miss out on, but we'll always ensure there's a continued discussion that we invite all to participate in after the event.

    We'd like to say a big thank you to @Malcolm Fraser and @Paul Dubal for their contributions to both sessions, and for assisting us in launching this new initiative! We are greatly appreciative of the support, and strongly encourage others to review the summaries and share your own thoughts!

  • Only a few places remaining...!

    Don't forget we launch the first two sessions in our Quarter 1 'Eye-to-Eye Virtual Networking' tomorrow! There are limited spaces remaining & sessions will not be available on-demand, so be sure to secure your place and register now!

    Head to the Governance Gateway sub-community to find out more & register your place.

  • First 'Eye-to-Eye Virtual Networking' sessions announced!


    We're delighted to inform you that the first of our quarterly Eye-to-Eye virtual networking sessions are now open for registration. 

    All we'll say here is that there will be two different topical sessions, running at different times on Thursday 23rd February to accommodate for all time-zones. But you've got to have joined our sub-community to access the full information! So if you're keen to boost your professional development with a free discussion session on either 'Governance & Data-informed Decision-making' with @Malcolm Fraser or 'EQ for the Governance Professional' with @Paul Dubal, head on over to the Governance Gateway sub-community to register!

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  • Questions from the next generation...

    Whether you're new to the profession or you've worked in Governance for a while, as part of our recent Governance Gateway sub-community, we launched a 'Governance Then & Now' initiative. In this, we ask new and experienced professionals the same set of questions, in an attempt to see how perspectives have changed, if at all.

    Two of our new professionals posed the following questions:
    1. "Following the recent expansion of Company Secretary responsibilities, and overseeing almost all the core areas of the company, do you think some current responsibilities of the Company Secretary are irrelevant and should be considered to be removed? If so, what would those be?" 

    2. "How are we going to elevate ourselves by moving onto the next stage, after being qualified?"

    Visit the thread to view their interviews in full. You can also hear from some of our more experienced professionals and see how your views compare!

    The Governance Gateway is now open, so we look forward to seeing you there!​​​
  • Summary piece - 'Values of Belonging, Dignity and Justice'

    Following October's webinar on the Values of Belonging, Dignity and Justice, there is now a summary document available, detailing the key discussions and conclusions drawn from the session.
    To download a copy, please click here.
  • Have you entered the Governance Gateway yet?

    You may have noticed recently that we've been talking a lot about our new 'Governance Gateway' sub-community - intended as the go-to hub for new graduates & new members. 
    But... whilst the resources and conversations are focused on those who are new to the profession and new to the Institute, we'd still love to have input from everyone! 

    There's a chance to compare stories with other experienced professionals, whilst simultaneously guiding new professionals by answering their questions and generally discussing those all-important 'Governance-101' topics. 

    [Join the Governance Gateway]
    (You can also view this brief tutorial video below of how to access the sub-community!)

    We greatly value everybody's input in these dedicated spaces, so do join us in the Governance Gateway and welcome those that are new members and/or newly qualified!
  • Ethics Index 2022 released

    The seventh annual Ethics Index has revealed a dip in the nation’s levels of trust for the second year in a row, representing a big U-turn from the record highs of the first year of the pandemic.
  • Our end of year sale is underway

    Short courses, Certificates and membership bundles are just some of the great things we have to offer.
  • ON-DEMAND: CGI Global Webinar - Values of Belonging, Dignity and Justice

    If you weren't able to join us for the live discussion, you can now watch our latest webinar on 'Values of Belonging, Dignity and Justice' on-demand.

    [Watch on-demand]
    [Download the BDJ Paper]

    We'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank our esteemed panel of speakers, and all those who joined the live webinar, representing a truly global community of governance professionals from all corners of the world!