• Ethics Index 2022 released

    The seventh annual Ethics Index has revealed a dip in the nation’s levels of trust for the second year in a row, representing a big U-turn from the record highs of the first year of the pandemic.
  • Our end of year sale is underway

    Short courses, Certificates and membership bundles are just some of the great things we have to offer.
  • ON-DEMAND: CGI Global Webinar - Values of Belonging, Dignity and Justice

    If you weren't able to join us for the live discussion, you can now watch our latest webinar on 'Values of Belonging, Dignity and Justice' on-demand.

    [Watch on-demand]
    [Download the BDJ Paper]

    We'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank our esteemed panel of speakers, and all those who joined the live webinar, representing a truly global community of governance professionals from all corners of the world!
  • One week left to register for National Conference

    Join us at the Melbourne Convention Centre for two days and hear from the world's most respected governance and risk management voices as we explore the continuous shift in political, economic, geopolitical and social global landscapes.
  • Recognition of outstanding contribution!

    We'd like to take a moment to share with you that @Troy Williams is the very first eCommunity user to achieve Gold Member status! Troy has set the bar by way of engagement within the eCommunity, paving the way as our first MVP (Most Valued Professional) for this platform.

    We caught up with Troy to get his feedback on what the value of the eCommunity is to him...

    ​Troy has been an incredible advocate for the eCommunity along the journey so far, and we hope that his experiences inspire you to engage with the content housed here. Thank you Troy, for your ongoing contribution to the development of this community space.

    How do I 'up my game'?

    Quite simply, the eCommunity registers a certain number of 'engagement points' each time you contribute to ongoing activity, so if you'd like to achieve a similar accolade, all you really have to do is add a comment or post a discussion now and then! Simple!

    Without the people at the heart of a profession, an eCommunity like this means very little; but your interaction and knowledge-sharing helps, encourages & connects fellow professionals around the world. For that, we thank you, and we hope to see the conversation continuing to thrive with your ongoing support!

  • News Update - August 2022

    Check out the latest News Update articles on our website.

  • One month to go until National Conference

    Join us at the Melbourne Convention Centre or virtually for two days and hear from the world's most respected voices in governance and risk management as we explore the continuous shift in political, economic, geopolitical and social global landscapes.
  • National Public Sector Governance Forum registrations open

    Join us on Friday, 18 November for this highly informative event, designed for governance and risk management professionals to access the latest news, trends and issues facing your role within the public sector. 
    The Forum will be held virtually, and face-to-face at U City, Adelaide.
  • News Update - July 2022

    Check out the latest News Update articles on our website.

  • Career kick-start seminars

    Join us for a lunchtime seminar to hear from the experts on maximising your governance and risk management career. ​
  • 2022 Board & Executive Remuneration Report launched

    The latest annual Board & Executive Remuneration Report has been released today by Aon and Governance Institute of Australia.
    All Governance Institute members can download a complimentary abridged version of the report
  • 'Stay signed in' - increased duration

    We recently heard from several of you that despite ticking the 'stay signed in' check-box on the sign-in page, the eCommunity hasn't kept you logged in when you've come back say, the next day. 

    Whilst the site will log you out automatically after a certain amount of time, purely as a security feature, we are pleased to inform you that the 'stay signed in' function, has now been pushed to 72 hours.

    We will continue working with our site developers to see if we can increase this further, but we hope this will be beneficial to many of you for the time being!
  • 2022 Board Diversity Index released

    The findings of the latest Board Diversity Index are in, providing a snapshot of Australia’s top 300 boardrooms in 2022.
  • News Update - May 2022

    Check out the latest News Update articles on our website.

  • The eCommunity is the place to be...


    As part of a 4-week 'Refresh & Reach Out' campaign for the eCommunity, we wanted to share our new video with you: the people at the heart of the profession. Over the last 2 years, you've contributed your discussions, engaged in global webinars, and participated in an ever-growing global network of governance professionals, and we are truly grateful for your support in helping us build an increasingly collaborative eCommunity. 

    Over the next 4 weeks, you'll see an increase in eCommunity-related activities, all of which are leading to the development of a very exciting project later this year... (watch this space!). In the meantime though, we've provided a couple of additional videos to ensure you're getting maximum value from the platform - check them out below!

    VIEW: eCommunity 'how-to' navigation tutorials
    VIEW: eCommunity member testimonials

    Thank you for joining us on the journey so far, and we look forward to continuing the conversation with you!

  • SURVEY OPEN: Driving the digital revolution: A guide for boards

    Governance Institute is devising a roadmap to help boards tackle the digital transformation - and we want to hear from you. The survey will take approximately six minutes to complete, is anonymous, and closes on 20 May 2022.
  • News Update - April 2022

    Check out the latest News Update articles on our website.
  • Guide for boards and management on the path to net zero

    Today Governance Institute of Australia launched a step-by-step guide for boards and management on the path to net zero. Outlining key steps - from engaging your board in the climate conversation to managing legal and stakeholder expectations – this guide will help ensure climate governance is built into your organisation’s strategy.

    “This new guide is designed to assist all organisations – large and small and across sectors – to take immediate action on climate,” CEO Megan Motto said.
  • New 'Front-of-Mind' Blog from the Director General

    The latest 'Front-of-Mind' blog, as authored by Director General, Tim Sheehy, is now available to view.

    "In the past, [Tim] has written about The Chartered Governance Institute's membership of the Value Reporting Foundation and the movement toward more uniform global reporting standards. CGI is supportive of the consolidation of reporting standards and so [he] would like to take this opportunity to bring you up to date on progress."

    [Read the blog in full]
  • On Demand: 'Ethical Governance in AI' Webinar & Further Reading

    We recently published a Thought Leadership Paper AND held a global webinar on the topic of 'Ethical Governance in AI'. If you haven't had a chance to download the Paper, or you weren't able to tune in to the live webinar, don't worry, we've got you covered! You can download the Paper HERE, and view the on-demand recording HERE

    We also have additional resources on 'Ethical Artificial Intelligence', 'The Role of Artificial Intelligence', an in-depth summary of the webinar, PLUS... an ongoing conversation discussing the key findings and practical steps to employ around the ethical governance of AI..
    <<< Join Gertrude Takawira in conversation!
  • Guest Blog: 'Bullying and Diversity'

    Following a recent discussion thread on 'The Great Resignation in 2022', @Christopher Russell was inspired to write this month's guest blog on the topic of 'Bullying and Diversity', after noting observation in the thread that these are some of the leading elements contributing to toxic culture in the workplace.

    Christopher's blog looks at some of the possible methods that boards can employ in order to effectively deal with bullying behaviour and diversity, and discusses some of the impacts of these elements.​

    Has your company dealt with bullying, or addressed diversity issues? How have measures implemented  affected the organisation and its performance?

    Read the blog & share your thoughts/experiences in the comments below!
  • Ethical Governance in AI

    The Chartered Governance Institute's Though Leadership Committee recently released its latest paper on 'Ethical Governance in AI'.

    Not only is the paper now available to view & download, but we're bringing you a dedicated Global webinar to discuss the importance of this, and highlight key learnings from the associated Paper.

    And if all that still wasn't enough, CGI's Policy Adviser, @Gertrude Ratidzo Takawira has already started the conversation around the governance in AI and its connection to lifelong learning.

    What AI learning experiences have you had?
    [Join the conversation]
    [Read the paper]
    [Register for the webinar]​

    There's a great deal to engage with here, so we look forward to hearing your thoughts!
  • Upcoming webinar: 'Ethical Governance in AI'

    The Chartered Governance Institute is delighted to announce its first Global Webinar for 2022, focusing on the topic of 'Ethical Governance in AI'. 

    Ethical governance of AI will be an ongoing consideration for all organisations. It is essential for all governance professionals to guide their organisations in establishing solid governance structures and protocols for everyone from board members down.

    Wednesday 9 March
    8am [GMT] | 4pm [HKT] |  7pm [AEDT]
    Free to attend | 1.5hrs CPD credits

    Find Out More | Register Now
  • Welcome to the eCommunity!

    As we step forward into a brighter & more optimistic New Year, we'd like to welcome all returning users back to the eCommunity, whilst also extending a warm welcome to anyone that is joining us for the first time

    Whilst 2022 will hopefully be a year a little more in line with perceived "normality", our existence in the digital space remains strong! Whilst many will be keen for face-to-face events & meetings to resume, for workplaces to thrive with hustle & bustle once more, we remain your dedicated 24/7 online platform, 365 days a year, focusing solely on the governance profession and the people at the heart of it!

    We've got a great deal going on, all of which will be revealed in the not-too-distant future; but in the meantime, have a browse of the new library, challenge your thinking in contributing to our discussions, or perhaps start your own thread/ask a question! There's much to navigate & engage with already, but be sure to watch this space for more coming soon...!
  • Season's Greetings!

    As 2021 draws to a close, we'd like to thank all of our eCommunity members for being a part of this platform, and for helping us make it through to the 2nd anniversary! We've had some superb feedback via our survey so far, and have some very exciting developments in the pipeline for 2022, so watch this space!

    All that's left for us to say for now, is we wish you a happy & healthy festive break, and a bright, prosperous New Year! We look forward to connecting with you then!
  • News Update - 15 December 2021

    Check out the latest News Update articles on our website.
  • eCommunity - user feedback survey

    As promised, today we sent out our User Feedback survey, which you hopefully received via email; if you did not, you can complete the survey via the link below:


    2-years is a good time for us to take stock, and so we would appreciate your views on what improvements we can make. We have some great ideas for 2022 and would like to make sure we're on the mark!

    (Thank you to the incredible number of users who submitted responses in the first 15 minutes - you've already provided some greatly valuable insight, which I can assure you will be reviewed & discussed at length in order to develop this global eCommunity in ways that further increase the benefit and value to you, the people at the heart of the profession.)

  • TCGI eCommunity - Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    Today is truly a special day, as it marks the official 2nd anniversary of the launch of this eCommunity!

    Whilst the development of this platform hadn't factored in a global pandemic, it has been our pleasure to provide a platform in which we've been able to keep governance professionals updated & connected, whilst we've all navigated numerous uncertainties and changes to daily life as we knew it.

    As we begin to move out of the pandemic and into our 131st year of existence, and our 3rd year of the eCommunity, we want to hear from you. To mark the 2-year anniversary of the platform, and to ensure we're providing maximum value to you, our Community, in the next week we'll be releasing a survey to gather your feedback. We'd really like to understand your perception of the eCommunity and all it provides, but also gain an understanding of how we can support you through further development and resource-offerings.

    So... please do keep an eye out for that in the coming week, but ultimately, we'd like to thank you for joining us in continuing the conversation. It's a pleasure to have you with us, and we hope we can continue to provide an engaging and informative eCommunity to assist your professional development.
    Thank you. 

  • Register for training and save - End of year sale

    From expert training for new directors, to the latest on ethics, culture and governance, we offer a wide range of short courses and certificates – and they have just gone on sale!

    Book and pay for one of our training courses before 31 December and save up to 15%.