• Episodes 5 & 6 now available!

    As many countries are now easing restrictions following imposed lockdown, we're now starting to see a noticeable struggle in finding the balance between kick-starting the economy whilst implementing measures that prevent further outbreaks. 

    You can view the Series here; once you've had a chance to catch up on how our interviewees adapted under the restrictions of Covid-19, we'd like to hear from you and invite you to share your and your organisation's own experience​​​s via our dedicated discussion thread here.

    It's important for us to understand how the profession has been impacted, how it has dealt with said impact, and how it will move forward, so we would very much like to hear from you. Join the discussion today.
  • Board and Executive Remuneration Report released

    Governance Institute, in partnership with Aon, have released the results of the Board and Executive Remuneration Survey which provides a snapshot of remuneration levels for directors and senior executives from 433 organisations.
    As Australia heads into 'remuneration season', these are the latest available salary and pay statistics.
    Read more at the link below, and GIA members can download the report.

  • Australian channel launched on The Chartered Governance Institute e-community

    Governance Institute of Australia is delighted that a dedicated Australian channel of The Chartered Governance Institute e-community has been launched.
    The new channel will help boost discussion and networking opportunities among Australian members of the global Institute.
    Governance and risk management professionals can share announcements and knowledge with the broader community via the portal. 
    Australian members also have access to the Open Forum channel where members from around the world meet.
    Read the full announcement about this new channel at the link below. 

  • Australian Sub-Community launched!

    This week sees the launch of a dedicated Australian channel branching from The Chartered Governance Institute's eCommunity. The new channel will help boost discussion and networking opportunities amongst Australian members of the global Institute.

    Read more here.

    If you would like to join the Australian sub-community, if you head to 'Communities' > 'All Communities' in the main navigation bar it should then display alongside the Open Forum when you click through.
    Click the blue 'join' button and access the page!

  • We want to hear from YOU!

    Last week we launched The Governance Exchange [more on this below] and today we release the next two 1-to-1 interviews in the series on The Impact of Covid-19. ​
    You can view episodes 3&4 and all other current webcasts in the series HERE
    When you have, we would really like hear how your organisations reacted, coped, and what's in place now as companies begin to emerge from the pandemic. 

    So give the videos a watch and JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE by sharing your own experiences or offering guidance to others.
  • The Governance Exchange has launched!

    The Chartered Governance Institute is delighted to announce the launch of 'The Governance Exchange' - a new interview series that examines global governance issues through the eyes of leading practitioners, academics and commentators.

    Short and sharp, these 1-to-1 interviews will bring to light the insights and experiences that we all want to hear and learn from.
    The series is available to view on-demand here, with episodes being added regularly.
    We would also like to hear from you - view our dedicated discussion thread and share your own experiences of the Impact of Covid-19.
  • CGI Global Webinar

    On Tuesday 2nd June, The Chartered Governance Institute hosted a webinar that considered "Do we really need to me? Learning from a global pandemic". We heard from 3 leading industry professionals who shared their experiences as well as their thoughts on whether the future holds a place for hybrid AGM's.

    The on-demand recording is AVAILABLE HERE, and once you've viewed that, why not take a look at some of the key questions raised, and share your experiences too?
    Continue the conversation here...
  • An International Perspective of Corporate Governance... a "post-Covid-19" review.

    Earlier this week, John Heaton (Vice President of The Chartered Governance Institute & President of the UKRIAT Division), published a speech he gave on the topic of Corporate Governance - An International Perspective, back in February of this year. 

    As we're all well aware, a lot has changed in only a few months. John has kindly shared his views upon reflection of the original speech he gave, and has provided much food for thought which we invite you to read, digest and discuss. 

    You can read the speech here, and then join the discussion here.
  • Enhancing Individual Director Accountability

    The Chartered Governance Institute's Thought Leadership Committee today published its latest report on 'Enhancing Individual Director Accountability'.

    Have  a watch of the author's - John Dinner's - introduction summarising the key topics explored in this report. Once you've downloaded and read the report, be sure to keep a look out for discussion thread later this week where you'll be able to contribute your thoughts and discuss the paper directly with John himself.

    Watch the introduction.
    Download & read the report.
    Join the discussion.
  • Published this week...

    It's only Tuesday and so far this week we've already published;
    • The Director General's 'Front of Mind' blog. As has been the case for many weeks now, there's really only one thing at the forefront of everyone's minds. Have a read of Tim's blog below which looks at the impact of Covid-19 so far, and how this may affect the way in which we work. 
    • The President's Report - the latest report to members is now published. Take a look and find out more about the important decisions taken at the recent international Council meeting held in early April. Read it here.
    Stay tuned - we've got a great deal of content coming your way soon..
  • Covid-19: New policies and practices

    In light of the developing situation surrounding this Global pandemic, we have created a space for you to share your thoughts, updates, advice, guidance and resources, in the form of a new sub-community titled: Covid-19: New policies and practices.

    You can also locate this in the 'Communities' tab in the top navigation. From the drop-down, select 'All Communities' and it should appear in the list.

  • A Global Pandemic

    We are in a time of crisis - a Global Pandemic affecting us all in some capacity; affecting our work practices, affecting our social lives, affecting the economy & affecting us personally. This is, and will continue to be, a hugely pivotal time for businesses and governance professionals. So we've created a space for you that is dedicated to sharing concerns, advice, guidance, best practice and any resources that may be of use to others in the profession. 

    Please feel free to start a discussion thread or upload your resources to the library. Now, more than ever before, there is a call for community. You find yourselves in a primed position to establish that on a great scale. 

  • New Blog Post

    See the latest Blog on the impact of Covid-19 below. Don't forget to share your thoughts and opinions!
  • Latest Thought Leadership - Join the Discussion

    Last week The Chartered Governance Institute, in partnership with the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), published its Thought Leadership Paper on An overview of integrated reporting for Chartered Secretaries and Chartered Governance Professionals - be sure to download, read & have your say!

    You can access the Insight here - once you've done that, why not join the discussion, as initiated here.
  • Multiple Discussion Threads

    Don't forget - the 'Latest Discussions' feed only shows a few of the ongoing topics of conversation. In the 'Discussion' tab, there's almost 40 different threads currently available to read through and comment on - make sure you share your knowledge and gain insight from fellow industry professionals!
  • Join us at one of our events...

    You can now see an exciting new range of events happening throughout 2020, across The Chartered Governance Institute's Divisions. 
    Tell me more!
  • New 'Front of Mind' Blog from the Director General

    Beginning a new & improved format to the Director General's Blogs, in this latest edition, Tim Sheehy focuses on latest Governance trends and the impact of current affairs. 
    Scroll down to read, or click here.
  • Have you had your say?

    It's now been a week since we published the Thought Leadership Committee's latest paper: 'Corporate Governance - Beyond the Listed Company'. Many have downloaded it, but did you know that the paper's author, Peter Greenwood, also launched a discussion thread to welcome your comments and thoughts on the subject? If not, come and join the discussion!

    Insights such as these are also exclusively available on the eCommunity (with a lot more coming soon), so if you've not yet done so, you can access the Insight here.
  • New Blog from the Director General

    Tim Sheehy, Director General of The Chartered Governance Institute, has posted the January edition of his monthly blog. Scroll down the page to read, of click the link below:
  • Welcome to 2020

    A very Happy New Year and welcome to 2020! I do hope you all had wonderful Christmas holidays and that the festive break brought you everything you hoped for.

    With the majority returning to work this week, we're ready to hit the ground running; we've got even more insightful topics for discussion, the opportunity for you to connect with industry peers, and over the next couple of months we'll start releasing engaging content through various mediums - so if you're looking to enhance your knowledge of the profession, broaden your perspective or simply perfect your discussion skills, then stay tuned.

    Make sure you stay involved as much as possible, but why not also share the eCommunity with other colleagues or peers and encourage them to have their say too? 

    Here's to a bright and prosperous 2020.

  • New Blog from the Director General

    Tim Sheehy, Director General of The Chartered Governance Institute, has posted a new blog. Scroll down to read, or click the link below.
  • New Discussion Thread

    It's now officially been one week since this eCommunity went live, and there have been some thought-provoking discussions and compelling arguments so far. Whilst this platform will provide insights from, and updates for, The Chartered Governance Institute, it's also been put in place to act as forum for general discussion, knowledge-sharing and advice-seeking. 

    One of the most important questions for your individual career development, but also for the progression of Corporate Governance as a whole, is what day-to-day challenges you face at work. The latest discussion thread posted by Peter asks this, whilst also providing insight into his own. It would be great to hear what (if anything) keeps you up at night, in an attempt to allow this community to help you tackle it. 
    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Have a great week!

  • Division Engagement

    Yesterday, @Tom Lancaster-King posted an interesting discussion thread surrounding Division Engagement within The Chartered Governance Institute which queried best practice when it comes to both method and medium. It's been great to hear from @Wisdom Ncube on their processes in Canada - how does this compare to your own preferred communication methods or how you like to engage with the Institute?

    This is an incredibly important element to get right in the modern day, so we'd love to hear your thoughts! Why not add your comments to their thread?


  • Did you know...

    Did you know that if you click on the Discussions tab  in the navigation bar under the 'Open Forum' heading, you can find more insightful discussion topics? The 'Latest Discussion' feed shows you the most recent comments and responses - head to the Discussions tab to see the entire feed. Whilst you're there, why not have your say and share your opinion?

    Have a great day!

  • First Discussion Post

    The first discussion was posted as the eCommunity launched - head over to the 'Latest Discussions' to have your say on: 'The Future of Governance - what does it look like?'
  • New test community

    So, i've just created a new community aparrently....