• TCGI eCommunity - Happy 2nd Anniversary!

    Today is truly a special day, as it marks the official 2nd anniversary of the launch of this eCommunity!

    Whilst the development of this platform hadn't factored in a global pandemic, it has been our pleasure to provide a platform in which we've been able to keep governance professionals updated & connected, whilst we've all navigated numerous uncertainties and changes to daily life as we knew it.

    As we begin to move out of the pandemic and into our 131st year of existence, and our 3rd year of the eCommunity, we want to hear from you. To mark the 2-year anniversary of the platform, and to ensure we're providing maximum value to you, our Community, in the next week we'll be releasing a survey to gather your feedback. We'd really like to understand your perception of the eCommunity and all it provides, but also gain an understanding of how we can support you through further development and resource-offerings.

    So... please do keep an eye out for that in the coming week, but ultimately, we'd like to thank you for joining us in continuing the conversation. It's a pleasure to have you with us, and we hope we can continue to provide an engaging and informative eCommunity to assist your professional development.
    Thank you. 

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    From expert training for new directors, to the latest on ethics, culture and governance, we offer a wide range of short courses and certificates – and they have just gone on sale!

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  • Newly released: Ep.5, S3 of TGE: 'In the boardroom'

    In episode 5 of The Governance Exchange Series 3: 'In the boardroom', Tim speaks with @Dan Shepherdson.

    Following the recent publication of Dan’s paper on neurodiversity on the eCommunity, catch up with his views in this interview on why and how boards can recruit for diversity of thought and what advice he has for emerging governance professionals.

    [Watch the interview]

  • NFP Governance Forum 2021 registrations open!

    Join us for our Virtual Not-for-Profit Governance Forum to examine the future of the Australia charities and not-for-profits sector. Following the theme Accelerating the rebound — innovation, growth and wellbeing, this is a not-to-be miss event. The Forum will explore how must lead the rebound with its deep insights into the impact of recent disruptions on our people and communities.

  • Future of the Board report launched

    We are pleased to launch our major thought leadership project for 2021: the Future of the board report. Providing a roadmap for directors through to 2025, the report is based on a survey of 550 non-executive directors, CEOs and executives as well as a working group of senior directors and industry leaders.
  • New Guest Blog: 'Modern Slavery Reporting: Preventing a race to the middle beyond 2021'

    This month's Guest Blog, authored by the highly-dedicated @Troy Williams, discusses 'Modern Slavery Reporting: Preventing a race to the middle beyond 2021' and how, "despite unprecedented progress and development in the adoption of ESG initiatives around the world, studies...estimated that there was $354 billion in at-risk products imported by G20 countries..."

    With the blog eliciting responses such as 'Wow... what a blog!' upon first review, I think it's safe to say we highly recommend you give it a read! Don't forget, you can share your own thoughts and views in the comments below!

    [Read the blog]​​​
  • #PSGovForum2021 registrations open!

    The 2021 Governance Institute National Public Sector Governance Forum is underpinned by the theme ‘Frank and Fearless: Leadership, inclusion and accountability’. The Forum covers the latest trends and issues facing public sector governance and risk management professionals.

    Join like-minded peers to hear from the industry’s best from around the country about a variety of topics plus enjoy the valuable networking opportunity. 

  • Register for the NT Governance Forum

    Join us for our Northern Territory Governance Forum. This industry-leading event is a must if you seek the latest news, trends and governance issues facing the NT. In this forum, you'll explore the most current and controversial issues in governance and risk management and gain practical knowledge applicable immediately to your role. The forum is held every other year in Darwin, so don't miss this opportunity to gain leading insights and network with other professionals in Darwin.

    The half day includes the morning Governance Forum and lunch. Stay for the full day and attend the afternoon workshop on Ethics, Culture and Governance.

  • Registrations open for Tasmanian Governance Forum 2021

    The 2021 Tasmanian Governance Forum on 3 November is an excellent opportunity to hear the latest from the industry’s best, as well as network with like-minded peers.

    Our carefully crafted program follows the theme Priorities, Opportunities and Risks, examining the latest news, trends and issues facing governance and risk management professionals in Tasmania. 

    Take advantage of our early bird pricing before it finishes on 13 October.

  • Newly released: Ep.4, S3 of TGE: 'In the boardroom'

    For our fourth episode of TGE Series 3: 'In the boardroom', Tim catches up with @John Heaton. John recently authored an update to the paper he posted in May of 2020 on Corporate Governance: An international perspective, with the intention being to reflect on the matters previously addressed, one year on through a global pandemic.  In this latest version, John says he is “…less optimistic now…in one significant respect…the international environment…is very different now…” John’s views will be the focus of this latest interview.

    [View the original paper]
    [View the revised paper]
    [Watch the episode]​​
  • New Guest Blog: 'Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2021'

    With the release of the revised Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (“MCCG 2021”), this month's guest blog comes from @Wei Fong Wong. Wei Fong shares a summary of its key focal points - such as the improvement of board policies and processes including those related to director selection, nomination and appointment - and goes on to consider whether compliance with corporate governance codes in your country has improved?

    Got an answer or just want to share your thoughts on the article? Read the blog & chat with Wei Fong directly in the comments below!
  • New discussion paper on Neurodiversity

    Are we falling short on realising the full potential value from our diversity, equity & inclusion initiatives on our corporate boards? 

    In a newly-published paper, authored by CGIC's @Dan Shepherdson, it is considered that "we need to expand on the conventional wisdom in this area, which these days, appears to be driven more-so by "quotas", versus the potential ability for these reconfigured DEI Boards to deliver truly new and innovative "value"".

    Read the paper & share your thoughts in conversation with Dan via this discussion!​
  • On Demand: 'The Realities of Digital Age Risk'

    Our latest Global webinar: 'The Realities of Digital Age Risk', in partnership with WhiteHawk, is now available to view on-demand, as are the accompanying slides.

    Director General, Tim Sheehy, has provided a summary of key highlights from Tuesday's webinar, and over the coming days you can engage in the ongoing discussion with our webinar panellists, who will be on-hand to answer your questions and provide their own key takeaways/tips from the session. So whether you joined us live, or once you've had chance to watch on-demand, we'd love to hear from you...
  • The Governance Exchange - Series 3, Ep.3, with Peter Turnbull, International President and NED

    "Getting to that diversity of thought situation, is much more than just throwing a diverse group of people together..."

    Watch now to hear more on Peter’s insights into boardroom behaviour from his perspective as Chair, as well as his views on regulatory changes impacting director’s liabilities.

    Episode 3 of Season 3 'In the boardroom' from The Governance Exchange initiative - now available on demand.


  • Board Diversity Index 2021 released

    The number of women in the boardroom has surged by 60% in the last five years and gender parity is now expected to be achieved in the boardroom by 2030, the latest Board Diversity Index – released today by Governance Institute of Australia and Watermark Search International – has found. However, the rate of change on cultural diversity has been glacial. 

    We wrap up the key findings of the national report that examined 300 organisations and more than 2000 board seats and put five types of diversity under the microscope: gender, cultural background, skills/ experience, age, and tenure and independence. 

  • Register now: 'The realities of digital age risk'

    Do you fully understand the digital-age risk landscape? Do you understand your organisation’s governance, risk and compliance priorities in the context of the digital-age? 

    Join us on 24 August for our next Global webinar, in partnership with WhiteHawk, Inc. This free-to-attend webinar and follow-up workshop of kicking-off a cyber risk programme is a must if you want your organisation to be resilient, responsive and successful today and into the future.

  • New Guest Blog - read here & share your thoughts!

    July's Guest Blog comes from @Paul Dubal, and considers 'Why Every Board Needs a Chair'.
    [Read the blog]

    Paul reflects on his first encounter of many, where the Chair was quite clearly out of their depth, and talks through the benefits of further development with regards to the individual, but also the organisation for which they are Chairing a board meeting.

    "The patience, maturity and wisdom of an excellent board Chair cannot be assumed. A coach can help them find their behavioural blind spots and bring EQ into their interactions and relationships with their fellow directors..."

    What are your thoughts, or perhaps your own experiences?
    Read the blog HERE and discuss with the author in the 'Comments' section below the post.​
  • Next episode available in Series 3 of The Governance Exchange!

    Episode 2, Series 3 of The Governance Exchange is now available to view.
    In the latest episode, we speak with @Lloyd Mander, another leading governance consultant, and get his perspective on behaviour in the boardroom. Lloyd also reflects on how you can prepare your board to solve complex problems, as outlined in his authored paper from December 2020.

    You can read the 'Diversity of Thought' here, and then catch the interview with Lloyd here.​
  • New episode for The Governance Exchange & an accompanying Thought Leadership Paper!

    Today we released the first episode in Series 3 of The Governance Exchange, this time featuring the topic of 'In the boardroom..' This series takes advantage of the unique perspective that governance professionals have in observing and participating in what happens in the boardroom.

    In the first episode, we speak with Dr Denis Mowbray, a leading governance, strategy and risk adviser about his new paper; 
    The Third Team: Linking boards and organisational performance.

    Read the paper, watch the interview, and don't forget to add your own thoughts and comments either underneath the Insights or in our discussion forum!
  • New Guest Blog added - read now!

    Do you observe a correlation between corporate governance practices and organisational performance – financial and operational? Do you observe that some changes or improvements in corporate governance practices are more impactful than others?

    @Christopher Russell has authored our latest Guest Blog, looking at corporate governance and board composition impacting corporate performance. Whether you work within or advise corporations, read the blog and have your say - share your thoughts with Christopher and your fellow eCommunity!

    Read it HERE.
  • On-Demand Webinar Now Available: 'Women in the boardroom: International Governance Stocktake'

    Following The Chartered Governance Institute's release of its recent thought-provoking report 'Women in the boardroom: international governance stocktake', last week we held a webinar to hear global perspectives from industry leaders discussing the findings of the report. 
    If you weren't able to join us, you can now view the on-demand recording in our library. 

    We also have a dedicated discussion thread where we have identified the key takeaways but also posed some unanswered questions as submitted by attendees. We encourage you to share your thoughts on either the recent report or what our panel talked through in the webinar - help us to continue the conversation!

    1. Read the report
    2. View the webinar on-demand
    3. Join the discussion

  • #GRMF2021

    Governance and Risk Management Forum is where you can turn ideas into reality. You will unpack practical insights for your role and network with your peers.
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  • Governance and Risk Management Forum 2021!

    Join us for the biggest state event of the year and be empowered with knowledge and skills to tackle this year’s unique challenges.
    Book now and save with early bird pricing.
  • Newly Published: Guest blog on 'Evolution of Modern Companies'

    Today we publish our first guest blog of 2021 as authored by @William Giesbers, this month on the subject of the 'Evolution of modern companies & how this has affected the roles and accountabilities of directors'

    William looks at how modern companies have evolved and considers how this evolution has affected the roles and accountabilities of directors.

    A commonly discussed topic, we highly recommend you give this blog a read and whilst you're there, why not share your own thoughts in the comments? Our guest authors are keen to engage in further conversation with regards to the blogs authored here.
  • The eCommunity is 1 year old!

    This month we celebrate the 1-year existence of this eCommunity! Visit the discussion to hear from one of our members on why she considers the platform to be of value in her day-to-day, but also to that of the wider Governance profession. 
    We very much welcome your thoughts too!

    Thank you for the role you've played as an active community member in the last 12 months. We couldn't have done it without you!