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    Thank you Dan for an interesting and perceptive discussion paper. There is much food for thought here and I would encourage any director to read it before their next round of board nominations. ------------------------------ Bonnie Oakes Charron FGOV Independent governance specialist Ottawa ON --- ...

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    Tim I support the idea of recruitment on this platform. Aggay M Nyamainashe FCG ------------------------------ Aggay Nyamainashe Bletchley ------------------------------

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    Matt I have been involved with the K share registration market for over 25 years. In addition to the three you quote, who provide the bulk of share registration services in the UK, there are a number of others including Share Registrars, Neville Registrars and Avenir Registrars. John Heaton ------------------------------ ...

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    This sounds like what you're referring to? https://www.afr.com/companies/games-and-wagering/packer-adviser-accused-of-lying-to-inquiry-20200929-p56072 " Mr Johnston told the inquiry he stepped out of those discussions, understanding there was a conflict between his dual roles at Crown and CPH. But ...

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    Hi all, First post, so apologies in advance if it's missing tags/posted to the wrong location! We're looking into the UK share registration market and curious to know if any community members have experience with ​firms (other than Computershare, Equiniti or Link) capable of managing the register of ...

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    On 28 April 2021, the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) released the revised Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (“MCCG 2021”). The awaited MCCG ...

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    I have recently participated in a roundtable on the role of professions and how professionals can bring their expertise to the fore to improve their organisations, ...

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    Introduction Many years ago, as a new corporate secretary supporting one of my first board meetings, I was feeling anxious and vulnerable. My anxiety ...


  • Newly released: Ep.4, S3 of TGE: 'In the boardroom'

    For our fourth episode of TGE Series 3: 'In the boardroom', Tim catches up with @John Heaton. John recently authored an update to the paper he posted in May of 2020 on Corporate Governance: An international perspective, with the intention being to reflect on the matters previously addressed, one year on through a global pandemic.  In this latest version, John says he is “…less optimistic now…in one significant respect…the international environment…is very different now…” John’s views will be the focus of this latest interview.

    [View the original paper]
    [View the revised paper]
    [Watch the episode]​​
  • New Guest Blog: 'Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance 2021'

    With the release of the revised Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (“MCCG 2021”), this month's guest blog comes from @Wei Fong Wong. Wei Fong shares a summary of its key focal points - such as the improvement of board policies and processes including those related to director selection, nomination and appointment - and goes on to consider whether compliance with corporate governance codes in your country has improved?

    Got an answer or just want to share your thoughts on the article? Read the blog & chat with Wei Fong directly in the comments below!

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  • Posted in: Open Forum

    Set out below is my article published by The European Financial Review on How shareholders, corporations ...

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