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    Hi Paul, I would be inclined to agree with Paul and be cautious about certifying structures for clients unless you have physically seen the structure documents and they are from reputable jurisdictions. As a rule of thumb, don't certify documents unless you have physically seen the originals. The administrators ...

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    Hi Mark, This is a very good question for sure, majority of us are facing the same. It seems @Paul Halliday had gone through and has a lot. I do engage Seniors on issues that requires proper guidance in overall Governance, Management and Board. --------------------------- Venance Minja Company Secretary ...

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    Mark, before I retired I was CoSec, Compliance Officer, AMLRO and Fraud Officer in the offshore finance industry. I used to know various websites where you could purchase tailor made corporate and personal documents to 'prove' identity for just a few hundred pounds. I would be extremely wary of certifying ...

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    Hi All Is there detailed guidance for how to certify documents as a chartered secretary? (I'm UK based). I'm looking for something specific to CoSec. For instance... can I certify whether a clients structure chart (involving other jurisdictions) is an accurate representation of the corporate structure. ...

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    Grateful to Bruce for saving me from myself about whether it is directors/trustees or members who make ordinary and special resolutions. As charitable companies, such matters in academy trusts are governed by the Companies Act 2006 - education sector or not. ------------------------------ Paul Walker ...

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    “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” This statement, Article 4 of the Universal ...

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    On 28 April 2021, the Securities Commission Malaysia (“SC”) released the revised Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance (“MCCG 2021”). The awaited MCCG ...

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    I have recently participated in a roundtable on the role of professions and how professionals can bring their expertise to the fore to improve their organisations, ...

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  • New Guest Blog: 'Modern Slavery Reporting: Preventing a race to the middle beyond 2021'

    This month's Guest Blog, authored by the highly-dedicated @Troy Williams, discusses 'Modern Slavery Reporting: Preventing a race to the middle beyond 2021' and how, "despite unprecedented progress and development in the adoption of ESG initiatives around the world, studies...estimated that there was $354 billion in at-risk products imported by G20 countries..."

    With the blog eliciting responses such as 'Wow... what a blog!' upon first review, I think it's safe to say we highly recommend you give it a read! Don't forget, you can share your own thoughts and views in the comments below!

    [Read the blog]​​​
  • #PSGovForum2021 registrations open!

    The 2021 Governance Institute National Public Sector Governance Forum is underpinned by the theme ‘Frank and Fearless: Leadership, inclusion and accountability’. The Forum covers the latest trends and issues facing public sector governance and risk management professionals.

    Join like-minded peers to hear from the industry’s best from around the country about a variety of topics plus enjoy the valuable networking opportunity. 

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