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Self Employed Accounting Services Provider


I am largely retired  but still actively participating in various work, professional  and Not for Profit organizations. I have served on various CAANZ sub committees, written a review of a proposed educational module for FINSIA and .served on a CPA Australia committee. I am a Kiwi and have chiefly worked as an accountant in various manufacturing companies where I loved the interaction with other functions   e.g. factory, warehouse etc. have installed IT systems at some companies. i am not a programmer but am an avid fan of IT when used properly.  In the early 12970-s I worked in UK and South Africa.
I  married a local Chinese girl and we brought up our 2 daughters to speak both Cantonese and English. Whilst overseas I l learned and spoke conversational French, German ,Italian and Afrikaans. My 2 firm beliefs are that sport and accounting are both ready doors to acceptance globally.