Dr Denis Mowbray

Mgr Dir,
Gryphon Management Consultants

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Gryphon Management Consultants


Gryphon Management Consultants is an independent and privately-owned advisory practice specialising in: 

  • Behavioural Governance: its impact and influence on the culture and performance of the Third-Team.
  • Governance; reviews and development.
  • Organisational development and performance analysis.

Gryphon Management Consultants utilises a propriety research-based methodology for analysing the behavioural governance of organisations. This innovative and proprietary methodology creates a holistic picture of the Third-Team’s (Board and Executive) behavioural and cultural performance. Specifically, in relation to the Social, Structural, Human and Cultural capitals, of the individual and collective Third-Team. Providing the Third-Team with insights and recommendations unachievable from other review methodologies. 

The practice offers specifically designed services for varying organisational types, including state-owned enterprises (SOE), council-controlled enterprises (CCE), publicly listed companies, sport and other not for profit (NFP) organisations.

I am a creative and strategic thinker, who has broad general management experience combined with commercial exposure across several industries with accountability for building strategic relationships and achieving growth. I am committed to innovation and is driven by ideas, and the possibilities that new strategic directions offer.

I have an open leadership style, approachable and operates with logic, a good sense of humour, and always with integrity.

Skills Summary

Leadership – communicates a sense of purpose and motivates individuals to achieve their best, Generates team commitment.

Trust – Consistency in behaviour, openness, fairness and personal integrity. 

Business Acumen – applies the broad commercial experience gained in similar and diverse sectors to projects at hand to develop the best outcomes for the business concerned.     

Results Orientation – Democratic and open to ideas, committed to achieving business objectives, overcoming obstacles and keeping the team focused on the end goal. 

Innovation – A champion of innovation in all aspects of business as it forms a critical ingredient of continued business development and success. 

Perceptive – able to quickly get to the core of issues and work with others to overcome them. Understands and respects individuals.